Notes for speakers at the conference „Software-QS-Tag"

Your abstract should include

  • max. 6.000 characters
  • Clear reference to the subject of the Call for Papers
  • Background information on the classification of the context: Which company-/project-experience is reported from? How big are the projects/teams? From how many projectsdoes the experience come? Over what period of time? From which perspective? (eg. test department, test manager, tester, developer, development team, project management, end user/customer)
  • Presentation of the approach and the specific idea for a solution: How does the reported method/solution work specifically? Discussion of the „lesson learned“.
  • Is the presented approach applicable to other project situations? When and how? Under which restrictions/conditions?

Curriculum Vitae

In text form, range between 350 and 1.000 characters. Please describe your professional career, special areas, project experience, your current company, etc.

Please use a flow text and no tabular listing.

Speakers photo

Head portrait in color, format: png or jpg file, 300 dpi

presentation language

Please specify the language of your presentation/abstract or paper:

  • German
  • English

The abstract and the presentation of the paper should be consistent with the chosen language.

Your previous contribution submissions

Please tell us at which conferences you have already presented which presentations and whether the contribution has already been held elsewhere or has been submitted elsewhere.


Please submit your contribution with your contact details by 24. April 2023 at the latest here. Submissions by mail will not be considered!