Agreement on participation as a speaker at the conference

By submitting your contribution, you irrevocably agree to the following agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as the (hereinafter referred to as the speaker) and imbus AG (hereinafter referred to as the organiser):

1. Submission and assessment

The submission of the entry must be made via the submission form on the website website. The organiser is not obliged to consider submissions received by other means.

From the papers received by the submission deadline (see deadline in the Call for Papers), the programme committee will select those papers that will be accepted by the organiser for presentation & publication at the conference. The criteria for this review are those published in the Call for Papers as well as the „Notes for your submission“.

The speaker is obliged to inform if/where the contribution has already been presented or submitted elsewhere. Changes/extensions/updates compared to such  previous/parallel publications must be clearly stated in the submission.

There is no entitlement to acceptance of the entry. The entry may be rejected by the programme committee or the organiser at any time and without giving reasons. This also applies after a possible acceptance of the entry.

Title, length, content focus and presentation format can be adapted in the course of the review process in consultation between the programme committee and the speaker. The programme committee and the speaker can agree on the title, length and presentation format during the review process. The speaker is available by telephone or e-mail for queries, participates appropriately and implements changes in a timely manner.

2. Notification of acceptance or rejection

After completion of the selection process, the organiser will notify the speaker of the acceptance or rejection of the entry.

  • In case of rejection: No costs will be reimbursed and no remuneration will be granted for the submission or preparation of the contribution. The submitted documents remain with the organiser for internal documentation. They will not be published by the organiser.
  • In case of acceptance: The organiser will finally check the submitted documents with regard to form and content and - if necessary - carry out another round of corrections. Fine-tuning by telephone, if there are still changes or additions to be discussed with the programme committee, will take place by mid-July 2024.

    The (corrected) documents must be sent, complete and ready for presentation by the agreed deadline of October 7, 2024, in digital form as a PowerPoint file to the organiser by e-mail to qs-tags(at)
  • Acceptance as a substitute lecture: In order to be able to offer high-quality substitute contributions on the day of the event in the event that a speaker is unable to attend, the organiser will accept contributions as substitute presentations at its own discretion. The speakers concerned will be informed about the acceptance of a substitute lecture and can agree or refuse it. If accepted, the organiser will decide, depending on the situation and at short notice, on the day of the event at the latest, whether the lecture is to be held. In this case, the speaker also assures to prepare his/her contribution and lecture in due time according to all rules of this agreement, to be present on the days of the event and to present the lecture upon request of the organiser.

3. Lecture timetable and event

After acceptance of the contributions, the organiser will schedule the presentations in the event schedule. The event programme will be published on the conference website Changes of the event programme by the organiser are possible at any time after publication.
The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event (even at short notice) if market response is insufficient.

4. Presentation, representation, participation

The speaker will present his/her contribution in person at the event date and venue specified in the event programme. In the case of being prevented from attending, the speaker shall provide a qualified substitute speaker if possible. Any costs incurred for this will be borne by the speaker.

The speaker is expected to time his/her arrival so that he/she arrives at the venue in good time before the start of the first day of the conference. If travelling from a greater distance (especially an intercontinental flight), arrival should be planned for the day before.

According to the Call for Papers, the technical content of the paper is the main focus of the presentation. The presentation does not have a primarily promotional character.

The speaker will be present at the venue throughout the conference and be available for questions and technical discussions of the conference topics in an appropriate setting.

5. Use and exploitation rights

All submitted and/or presented materials (texts, slides, diagrams, illustrations, photos, videos, etc.) as well as content must be free of third-party copyrights. Otherwise, the speaker warrants that he/she has been authorised to use and publish such materials and content by the respective rights holder. Should third party rights conflict with a presentation or exploitation under this agreement, the speaker must inform the organiser of this immediately.

The submitted contribution (in short or long version as well as the associated presentation) and information on the speaker (curriculum vitae, photo) may be passed on and published as part of the electronic and/or printed participant documents (e.g. for download).

Excerpts from these materials may be used for conference marketing purposes, including: Information about the programme on and, posters, PR measures, social media campaigns, mailings, etc. Furthermore, these materials may be published by the organiser on the internet, in a conference booklet or in other suitable media after the conference.

The speaker agrees to be filmed or photographed. In particular, he/she agrees to his/her presentation being recorded in words and images by the organiser or on his/her behalf. He/she will not object to publication (live or at a later date) and will not make any claims whatsoever in this connection against the organiser or its contractor.

The speaker authorises the organiser to make the image and sound material obtained in this way available to third parties on the internet (also for a fee) in order to use parts of this image and sound material to advertise the conference and/or future conference dates (e.g. in a teaser/impression video). The same applies to the portrait image submitted by the speaker as part of the Call for Papers.

The provisions of the rights of use and administration also apply to translations into German and/or English, which the Organiser may undertake (in part or for all parts of the materials).

6. Data protection

All submitted documents, as well as transmitted personal data, videos and images may be:

  • used for the purpose of organising the conference and within the scope of the above-mentioned utilisation be stored in the organiser‘s IT systems and systems of contracted service providers;
  • used for the purpose of peer review and therefore be forwarded to the members of the Programme Committee;
  • be published for the purpose of conference marketing.

7. Remuneration, travel expenses

The speaker will receive free participation on both conference days incl. evening event, as well as accommodation in the conference hotel for max. 2 nights.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed against proof as follows:

  • max. EUR 500,- for arrivals and departures within the EU
  • max. EUR 1.500,- for arrivals and departures from other regions

No further remuneration is agreed.

8. Term an validity

This agreement is valid from the date of receipt of the contribution by the organiser and includes all versions of the contribution that may have been prepared in the course of the review process, as well as all related documents submitted with the contribution (illustrations, photos, summary of content, short and, if applicable, long version of the contribution, curriculum vitae, etc.).

The agreement ends on 31st december of the year in which the conference takes place. The transfer of rights pursuant to „5. Use and Exploitation Rights“ shall apply independently of this and shall be unlimited in time and place.

9. Final provisions

The total or partial invalidity of individual clauses of this agreement shall not result in the total invalidity of the agreement. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision which comes as close as possible to the invalid provision in its economic meaning.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. The applicability of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CSIG) is excluded. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is the organiser‘s registered office.

10. Other provisions

Subsidiary agreements must be made in writing. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is the organiser‘s registered office, Erlangen. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

As at January 2024