Invitation to submit conference papers

We look forward to field reports, tutorials, workshops and practice-relevant, new research results from software QA/software testing and agile development/DevOps in all sectors (medical devices, healthcare/pharma, automotive, rail, aerospace, finance, industry, government, etc.) and fields of application (corporate IT, e-commerce, digital media, web services/mobile services, cloud computing, Internet-of-Things, embedded systems, artificial intelligence/machine learning, autonomous systems/robotics).

The presentation will take place in one of the following planned conference tracks:

  • Processes & Workflows

What new requirements or changed tasks are we facing in software development? Where and how can or must we adapt and improve our procedures and workflows? Are measures for "early testing" (shift-left) being used and, if so, with what success? Does "test in production" (shift-right) work? How do we realize "Continuous Delivery" and "Continuous Deployment"?

  • Automation & Tools

Which methods and tools are used to check requirements or to design, generate or select tests and test data? Which methods and tools are used for test automation? How do these approaches work and what is the relationship between cost and benefit? What experience has been gained with test-driven development (TDD, BDD, ATDD etc.)?

  • Test & AI

How can software development and quality assurance be supported by methods of artificial intelligence and/or machine learning, e.g. for analysis of requirements, for AI-supported code generation or for generating test cases? Which methods are used to secure AI-based systems? What practical experience is available?

  • People & Teams

What influence does the "human factor" have on the success of software projects? Which approaches to team leadership are successful? How can team conflicts be recognised and resolved? Do we need more specialists or more generalists in our teams? How can we achieve rapid familiarisation and continuous learning on the job? How do we organize remote work in virtual teams?

Contributions can be submitted in the following formats:

  • Field Report (45 min incl. Q&A): Your field report shows which challenges or changes (whether evolutionary or disruptive) need to be overcome in your company or project in order to continue to be successful in development, testing or IT operations. You describe where and how the respective areas of development are affected and explain which new or modified procedures, methods, techniques and tools have been/are being used. You discuss what results have been/will be achieved and how, from today's perspective, the benefits achieved compared to the previous situation are assessed (e.g. risk reduction, quality gain, time gain, effort minimisation, error avoidance, standardisation of procedures, etc.). Clearly emphasise these aspects in your submission.
  • Tutorial (90 min incl. Q&A): Your tutorial presents a specific method in detail (for beginners) or goes into more detail on specific aspects of the method (for advanced users). Participants learn the content of the method, but also receive tips on how to apply the method in practice. In your submission, clearly emphasise the target group you are addressing and the learning objectives and learning content you are conveying (including time weighting).
  • Tutorial + Workshop (2*45 min incl. Q&A): You can deepen your tutorial with an (integrated or subsequent) workshop section. Building on the tutorial part, the workshop part offers participants the opportunity to carry out their own practical exercises under your guidance. Make it clear in your submission which tutorial content you will cover and which workshop elements you will use to reinforce this learning content. Explain how you can also use these elements practically in the large group (>30 participants).
  • Solution Workshop (45 min incl. Q&A):

    Would you like to present your tools, products or services in the field of software quality and software testing? As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to present your solution to a qualified target group as part of a solution workshop organized by you.
    This is a paid option that is preferably given to exhibitors!

Conference Target groups

  • People with responsibilities in test/test design, test automation and programming learn techniques and tools that help to achieve consistently high product quality in daily practice.
  • Members in agile teams, product owners and scrum masters can exchange ideas on how agile methods can be optimally applied and how cross-functional collaboration can be intensified.
  • People in management positions receive valuable suggestions on modern team leadership and tips on how to organize and implement projects more efficiently.
  • People with process responsibility benefit from a wide range of examples of how procedures and processes can be further improved.

Schedule and Procedure


Please submit your contribution with your contact details by April 15, 2024 at the latest here.

Program committee

Entries will be selected by an independent programme committee. You will be notified of the acceptance of your contribution (according to current planning) by the beginning of July.

Best Presentation Award

The best presentation (outside of the keynotes) will be honoured with the "Best Presentation Award" at the Software-QS-Tag. The evaluation and selection will be made by the programme committee based on participant feedback on the presentation and the speaker. Participant feedback will be requested via the QS-Tag app during the conference. Only participants who have attended the respective presentation are eligible to vote.


The exhibition space is limited! Secure your desired space by registering early. We will be happy to send you our exhibitor documents. Please contact us by e-mail at qs-tag(at)

The Event

The Software-QS-Tag will take place from November 6th – 7th, 2024 at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Centre in Frankfurt/Main.
You can also look forward to the speaker dinner on the evening before the conference and the QA Day party on the evening of the first day of the conference.