Topic: Scaling Across Multiple Dimensions

The Software-QS-Tag is the largest and leading conference in Germany on the subject of software quality and testing.

25. & 26. November 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

The main topic 2020 is „Scaling Across Multiple Dimensions“:

With the universal spread of software in all areas of life the requirements as to the flexibility and scalability in all disciplines of software development are on the rise. Software is used in tiny embedded devices as well as in gigantic data centers. Some systems are developed in extremely short periods of time, while some are developed, adjusted and utilized over decades. There is software for extremely wide ranges of users and software for very specific purposes with only a few users. Development teams can be comprised of thousands of people or just one. In many dimensions this puts extreme requirements on the organization, the technology and the management of quality control and software tests. During the Software-QA-Day we would like to discuss these extremes, learn from each other and develop ideas.

The Software-QA-Day 2020 presents and discusses strategies, techniques, tools and best practices for testing and quality assurance of software in XXS to XXL.

Call for Papers

Participate now and submit your paper for the Software-QS-Tag on November 25/26, 2020 in Frankfurt a.M.!

There are two more big plus points that speak in favor of submitting a paper to the leading conference on software quality assurance and testing right now:

1. the deadline for paper submissions has been extended to June 01, 2020

2. As of now, the Software-QA-Day team offers every submitter the opportunity to participate in the conference remotely as a speaker or tutorial leader.

Call for Papers: We gladly invite you to actively co-create the Software-QS Tag with your own contribution.

Be part of the leading conference in the field of software quality assurance and testing in the German-speaking countries! Please apply with an abstract and paper for a technical lecture, a research report or a tutorial by June, 1th 2020. To this purpose please use the application form.

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Call for Papers

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Software QS-Tag:

  • The leading conference for software quality assurance and testing in Germany
  • Every time with a new discerning key issue
  • Technical lectures and tutorials where you can try out everything in small groups
  • Get-together with major tool manufacturers and service providers
  • With a technical exhibition and product presentations
  • Much space for swapping ideas with speakers, tutorial instructors, exhibitors and all other participants

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Theme: Expanding Horizons

Experts meeting experts

  • Software development managers, IT managers, project managers, product owner, scrum masters: benefit from multifarious examples how processes and practices can be improved
  • Test managers, test coordinators, test leaders: learn how they can control and implement current projects more efficiently
  • Software architects, requirements engineers, test automation specialists, software testers, test specialists, software engineers: get to know techniques and tools that are helpful for their everyday professional practice