08:45 - 09:30 Uhr

RoboCon 2022 Germany


Mikko Koorpela

Using Robot Framework to ensure quality in New Space industry

How Robot Framework has been used at ICEYE to ensure quality in New Space industry.

ICEYE is building a product and running a service at the same time. Part of the system is also flying 400 to 500 km over us.

Welcome to see a sneak peak in to how testing of this kind of systems is really done and how Robot Framework fits into the picture.

This talk will cover also some aspects of other tools than Robot Framework.

Mikko Koorpela, Reaktor

Mikko is a developer and consultant that works with client organisations in various industries and Vice-Chairman of the board of Robot Framework Foundation.

He is also active in Robot Framework community and has participated in development of tools such as Robot Framework, Robot Framework Browser and Pabot.