In its 25 years history the Software-QS-Tag has established itself as the leading conference for software quality assurance and testing in Germany. Every time with a new challenging key issue running like a golden thread through all slots of the conference: in the various lectures, tutorials and workshops, the accompanying technical exhibition and the get-together between the slots.Just like in the years before, the members of the XING group “Software-QS-Tag” had the possibility to post their ideas for the next focus and vote on the submitted topics. The ranked list is an important basis for the programme committee’s decision on the new focus.Read here the focus of the Software-QS-Tag 2017 in February. In case you just want to keep yourself up to date about the event (call for papers, ticket sale…) and its operator imbus, you can subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to


      Software-QS-Tag 2016

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Two conference days – neat gen

  • The leading conference for software quality assurance and testing in Germany
  • Every time with a new discerning key issue
  • Technical lectures, tutorials and workshops where you can try out everything in small groups
  • Get-together with major tool manufacturers and service providers
  • With a technical exhibition and product presentations
  • Much space for swapping ideas with speakers, tutorial and workshop instructors, exhibitors and all other participants


Software-QS-Tag 2016 - Testing properly - Testing what matters

Experts meeting experts

  • Software development managers, IT managers, project managers, product owner, scrum masters: benefit from multifarious examples how processes and practices can be improved
  • Test managers, test coordinators, test leaders: learn how they can control and implement current projects more efficiently
  • Software architects, requirements engineers, test automation specialists, software testers, test specialists, software engineers: get to know techniques and tools that are helpful for their everyday professional practice