10:45 - 11:30 Uhr

Automation & Tools

Daniel Horn
proficom GmbH

Time to test your Web-Application efficiently - Which Testing Tool is best suited for the job?

When talking about browser-based tests, three tools are often mentioned.

  • Selenium
  • Cypress
  • Playwright

When looking for the best tool to get the job done, comparisons often make sweeping statements like "Playwright is faster than Selenium" without giving any insight into how these numbers were determined.
With several years of experience in test automation and enough curiosity about this topic, I wanted to have an answer based on my own data and research.

This talk will briefly introduce the 3 solutions in detail, name pros and cons and give a brief overview of how they work.

Furthermore, the talk will give a definitive answer as to which tool is faster, more reliable and best suited to be integrated into an existing CI framework.

We will show you how we created our setup, the challenges we faced and share our results in detail.

Daniel Horn, proficom GmbH

Daniel Horn has been working as a consultant for test automation and infrastructure in various DAX companies for 12 years. In his professional career, Daniel Horn has dedicated himself to improving existing TA solutions as well as introducing new possibilities into the development process.

In his consulting services, Daniel Horn tries to improve the quality processes of projects and products in addition to the actual test processes.