09:40 - 10:25 Uhr

Special Topics

Salon 5 - 6

Johannes Dienst

The Future of UI Testing

UI testing is an essential part of software development. Despite technological progress, the automation of UI tests is still considered too complex to function completely without manual intervention.

In addition to classical selector-based approaches, more and more image-based methods are being pursued. This talk will cover the "state of the art" of UI testing with an overview of tools and techniques.

In particular, current problems and future developments will be discussed. Furthermore, it will be shown which kind of UI representations are used by today's test tools and how the addressing of elements in the user interface is done. In addition, the role of artificial intelligence in the different approaches is shown and a prediction of testing tools of the future is presented on the basis of current research.

Johannes Dienst, askui

Johannes Dienst is a Developer Advocate at askui. His work focuses on community management, software quality, and developer experience. For more than five years he has been a speaker at national and international conferences such as JAX, OOP, DevConf.cz, BASTA.