Thema: Richtig testen - das Richtige testen

12:25 -13:10 Uhr

Increase Test Coverage and Productivity with Image-Based Testing

Max Gerrard

Image-based testing is a new approach to test automation. Image-based testing drives and verifies the application-under-test by sophisticated visual analysis and search, and system-level inputs, rather than via code-level APIs.

Image-based testing has several advantages over traditional code-level approaches to functional test automation. It is entirely technology independent which means that it can be used with any device, operating system, and technology platform; from in-vehicle infotainment systems, to point-of-sales (POS) terminals, to websites and mobile applications. This technology independence also makes it easy to create consistent end-to-end tests  with image-based testing, e.g. use-cases that involve a POS, a browser-based application, and a mobile application. The approach has many other advantages including efficient cross-platform testing, non-invasiveness, full system control, and most importantly it is interacting with the application in exactly the same way that a real user does.

eggPlant Functional is the leading image-based testing tool and was recently rated by Gartner as the best test automation for browser and mobile testing due the increased coverage and productivity that the image-based approach allows.

In this workshop we will introduce the concept of image based testing and then show examples of it in practice in several use-cases from digital  banking, to automotive, to CAD.


  • Introduction to image-based testing.
  • General demonstration.
  • Applying image-based testing to various use-cases.
  • Questions.

Max Gerrard TestPlant

Max leads the Customer Success team at TestPlant; ensuring that customers successfully deploy test automation and achieve their objectives.

Max studied theoretical mathematics at Kings College in London.