16:40 - 17:25 Uhr

Automation & Tools

Salon 8

Mesut Durukal

Mastering E2E Test Automation Framework Selection

Elevator Pitch:
There are dozens of options for test automation. Among several E2E Test automation frameworks, which one should we choose? Let's discuss how we can make this decision. Both developers and QA people use test frameworks to ensure the functionality of their products. It is important to choose the correct tool, so this is a common problem targeting most of the audience.

In our project, for some reason, we had to change our test automation framework. The question for which we had to find an answer was, which tool or framework we should have gone with.

I have done a benchmarking study and collected information about the locomotive E2E test automation frameworks. After choosing the best 5, I implemented the same test scenario with each of them. Then I have listed their strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the decision criteria were:

  • Speed
  • Ease of coding
  • Browser support
  • Documentation & Support
  • Flexibility

Eventually, we came up with a decision. Let’s see what was the reason for that.

Attendees will see:

  • What should we consider before choosing the E2E test automation framework
  • Modern E2E frameworks with pros and cons
  • Comparison of several frameworks

Mesut Durukal, Indeed

Mesut has 13+ years of experience in Industrial Automation, IoT platforms, SaaS/PaaS and Cloud Services, the Defense Industry, Autonomous Mobile Robots, and Embedded and Software applications. Along with having proficiency in CMMI and Scrum & PMP experiences under his belt, he has taken various roles as (Quality Owner, Hiring Manager, and Chapter Lead) in multinational projects.

He has expertise in test automation and integration to CI/CD platforms supporting continuous testing. Besides, he has been facilitating test processes and building the test strategy and lifecycle of the projects.

He is a frequent international speaker, the best presentation award winner, and a various program committees member.