Thema: Expanding Horizons

Unlearning to Facilitate Learning

When I heard for the first time about unlearning it sounded a little bit confusing to me. Why should I unlearn something that I already knew? But then I started to read and research more on the topic of unlearning and I realized that unlearning doesn’t mean erasing everything you know and going back to zero. It’s just the opposite, unlearning is opening yourself to new learning’s, to new ideas and options. Understanding the unlearning process makes you open to a new perspective which was previously blocked by existing knowledge and old habits.

Unlearning is similar to clearing the cache from your phone, you don’t erase everything you have on the phone, you only free some space so you can again make some space for some new data.

During the talk, I will share how I used unlearning to help me with my personal learning experience, the struggles I went through and the results I achieved. Also, I will share how you can facilitate your team to go through the process of unlearning. This will help the team to more easily adopt and implement new approaches and ideas. Team members will become more open to new ideas and not blocked by holding on to old habits.

Viktorija Manevska

Viktorija Manevska is Software Quality Assurance Consultant and Scrum Master at beQualified. She is also known as a leader of change who has a lot of energy and bursts with new ideas, never short of enthusiasm.

She has studied Information system management and additionally developed her knowledge by gaining Professional Scrum Master certificate, ISTQB and Rapid Software Testing certificate. Viktorija Manevska has 6 years of professional experience in the fields of Software testing and agile project development. Her main tasks are preforming different testing methods especially exploratory testing, advocating for BDD to guide development and testing, coaching the development team to be self-organized and cross-functional and help organization with the Agile introduction and implementation.

Her special expertise includes building an autonomous team which would understand change as a learning process rather than as a goal. She is passionate about guiding her team to be independent and able to adopt cutting-edge methods which will help in building great, innovative products. She believes that testing should be part of every product development and the whole team should be dedicated in delivering the defined quality to the customer.