Thema: Expanding Horizons

The end of QA as we know it or the departure to new worlds

Agile Development and DevOps have arrived in organizations. According to Gartner market research, currently 45% of all software development organizations are agile and half of these already use DevOps methods. This leads to dramatic changes in these organizations and their work processes. The topic of software quality and testing, however, is often still neglected and especially QA teams are increasingly struggling with this transformation.

The new digital world requires a radical rethinking of how software quality can be assured. Digital transformation requires nothing less than a new digital DNA in which software quality is inherent. It requires a change from traditional application- or project-centric quality models to a holistic quality approach with an ecosystem-based view on quality. Crusted structures in the organization must be broken down. The entire test process, not just the test execution, must be consistently automated, and the necessary competence for the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning must be built up.

This keynote speech will show what the essential success factors are in order to break down existing silo structures, consistently implement concepts such as "Continuous Quality" and "Product Thinking" and achieve a cultural change with regard to software quality. Trends and innovations in the SW-QA tool market and the current position of upcoming software testing technologies will be presented on the basis of current Gartner studies.

Joachim Herschmann

Joachim Herschmann is a Senior Director Analyst at Gartner Deutschland GmbH covering Application Development and DevOps. He has an education in Computer Science and 26 years of professional years of experience in IT, spending time as a developer, consultant and product manager. He has extensive experience and expertise in the software development and testing disciplines, and he has been a frequent speaker and instructor on these topics for many years.

Mr. Herschmann's primary research focus is the adoption of modern software development practices and their impact on digital business. He also advises on the impact that emerging and disruptive trends such as AI, IoT, and DevOps have on business and IT. Mr. Herschmann provides guidance to senior IT management as well as to IT professionals, and he also works with software and service providers to develop product strategies and positioning guidance.