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REST API Framework: Getting started with REST API Testing

In nowadays modern IT world everything is about API. API is a lightweight, but powerful in interacting between software applications. It is not surprise that a modern software development is shifting towards to the API architecture. To be able to follow that trend software testing must focus on API testing. Furthermore, we can read about the “Testing Pyramid” and we can also hear that “UI tests are brittle” and “we should test under the UI”.

Despite this fact, many software testers continue to automate their testing with user interface (UI)-based tests that interact directly with the browser. This is largely due to the success of UI test automation tools, which runs in a web browser. Some of them have been available for several years and most software testers are familiar with their use. But the most familiar tool is not always the most appropriate tool to use in test automation.

If you have not automated an HTTP application below the UI yet, this tutorial will help you to take away with a stack of ideas to go forward. The aim of this tutorial is to introduce REST API architecture and testing of REST API focusing on how to create a REST java-based testing framework on your own. The framework consists of several functionalities in order not to code testing scenarios from scratch once when started with testing API. On tutorial completion you will be able to start easy with REST API automation in your workplace.

Branka Rakic

Branka Rakic is a Test Architect at Levi9 with strong theoretical and practical experience in software testing. She has been in the testing field for around 11 years working on various projects from different domains.
Branka is always researching new methodologies and strategies to help improve her team.
Being one of the moderators of her company’s testing community, Branka is actively fostering knowledge sharing between everyone interested in testing. She is also an international speaker, sharing her lessons outside her own company and publishing articles related to software testing.

Miroslava Brkic

A Test Architect and a Test Department Manager in Levi9 Global Sourcing. Worked on various projects from different domains since joined the company in 2007. Areas of interest are the software testing process, test automation and the modern software environment. Besides the design and development of a reusable architecture for Levi9 test automation framework, focuses to determine the test automation approach suitable for the processes, standards and practices that meet different system requirements.