Thema: Expanding Horizons

Digitalization enforces new paradigms --> Test Ownership, Continuous Testing & TestOps are the important ones!

Continuous Testing means testing over the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC). But testing at Digitalization means more - There are at least four important consequences:

1. “Shift Left of Testing” - Any quality assurance task needs to be started as early as possible in the SDLC.
2. “Shift Right of Testing” – At the same time there is a major focus on the phases Deploy and Operate of a product or platform – “TestOps” as new paradigm!
3. 100% concurrent Test Automation on every test level with max. reuse over team boundaries.
4. Test ownership – there is a new role called “Test Owner” born working with the Product Owner as "Twin"

All of this can still be achieved by applying the well-known Agile Test Pyramid. The key success factor is to execute the agile pyramide on a hourly base, valid for the whole (global) organization and applied for all services/ features to be released.

In my talk I will shortly introduce our chosen Siemens MindSphere way and explain based on concrete examples the different test levels, which tools and methods are used, which roles and which quality checks are mandatory to be achieved on the way through the CI/CD pipeline. At the end I will also motivate everyone to think about the needed cultural change in quality, because “Quality is lived by everyone, not reached or governed by someone!”

Helmut Götz

Helmut Goetz is today the Head of Global Quality Assurance (QA) of Siemens Mind-Sphere. Before Siemens MindSphere he had been working as Test Architect and Senior Key Expert for Model Based Testing of Complex Systems at Siemens Corporate Technology in Erlangen, Germany. Agile software testing methods methods like E2E Testing, BDD/Gherkin & TDD are core knowledge areas he is working in. In this assignment he is one of the co-author of the book publications “iX-Studie -Modellbasiertes Testen“ and “Basiswissen Modellbasierter Test”