Digital Transformation – Evolution, Innovation, Disruption

The following exhibitors are looking forward to your visit :

Aussteller Software-QS-Tag 2017

The Association for SW Quality and Further Education (ASQF) connects start-ups, SMEs, global players and develops software & system quality since 20 years.

Cloudogu_Exibitor Software-QS-Tag 2017

With the EcoSystem, Cloudogu offers an IT infrastructure which supports the entire product life cycle of the software development.

CQSE - Exibitor Software-QS-Tag 2016

CQSE GmbH offers services and products to analyze and improve the quality of the software of its customers.

dpunkt_Exibitor Software-QS-Tag 2017

dpunkt.verlag provides books, magazines and events for the professional computing scene, IT experts and students.

gasq_Exibitor Software-QS-Tag 2017

gasq is one of the leading international exam providers in the field of software quality.

GFB is the leading provider for professional test data management. By using our Q-up Suite you can generate and provide test data in an easy, fast and transparent way.

imbus AG_Exibitor Software-QS-Tag 2017

Leading solution partner for professional testing and intelligent software QA – including consulting, software testing, tools & training.

verit Informationssysteme GmbH_Exibitor Software-QS-Tag 2017

verit is the manufacturer of the professional tool Klaros-Testmanagement and offers since 1997 services in software development and QA.

QA-Systems Software-QS-TAg 2017

QA Systems has been providing tools and services for the development of high-quality and safety-critical software for over 20 years.


Testfabrik_Exibitor Software-QS-Tag 2017

Testfabrik develops software tools for web testing – from modeling to operation.


ix - Sponsor Software-QS-Tag 2017

The Software-QS-Tag 2017 is supported by iX.