Expanding Horizons

The Software-QS-Tag is a must for everybody dealing with testing!

Thanks to the awesome audience!

Communication and networking are a major issue.

The support was great.

There's not a moment of boredom.

Thanks to the Software-QS-Tag for warm reception.

It was an exciting event!


I take along brilliant ideas.

I'm alteady looking forward to next year!

So good when conferences have impact.

The team turns the two days into an experience every year.

Software-QS-Tag 2018 - Publikum

Very good choice of topics.

The Exit Game at the evening event was a highlight.

 I will forever remember an incredible event full of talented and passionate people.

Promising lectures on the agenda.

I loved doing the talk here!

A class full of extremely well behaving A+ students in our workshop. ;)

Also international guests and lectures are represented here.

Unique mix of topics.

The meals were delicious.

Lectures based on experience.

Software-QS-Tag rocks.

Once again with a very high professional standard.

Excelent lectures.