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And the Best Paper Award goes to...

The best Software-QS-Tag conference contribution is rewarded. Use your chance to become the laureate eternalized on our wall of fame! The following assessment criteria are considered in equal shares:

  • Assessment of the contribution’s and paper’s quality of content, depth and novelty by the programme committee
  • Feedback about the quality of the speech and presentation by the attendees – via rating function of the Software-QS-Tag app.

Best Paper Award 2019

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Pucher


User Experience Design - Wie Sie die Zufriedenheit Ihrer Anwender planen, messen und steigern können.

Winner-Paper 2019

Best Paper Award 2018

Speaker: Dr. Elmar Jürgens, Dr. Dennis Pagano

Test-Impact-Analyse: Trotz großer, langlaufender Test-Suites Fehler früh erkennen

Winner-Paper 2018

Best Paper Award 2017

Speaker: Sven Peldszus, Dr.-Ing. Jan Cirullies,
Prof. Dr. Jan Jürjens

Sicherheitszertifizierung für die Digitale Transformation: Erfahrungsbericht zum Industrial Data Space

Winner-Paper 2017

Best Paper Award 2016

Speaker: Dr. Elmar Jürgens, Dr. Dennis Pagano

Haben wir das Richtige getestet? Erfahrungen mit Test-Gap-Analyse in der Praxis

Winner-Paper 2016