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Making Good Decisions in a Group

A key success factor for efficient team work is to be able to make decisions (in an efficient way) because:

  • Not deciding can destroy the team’s focus…
  • A (too) late decision limits the team’s speed or velocity
  • (too) often RE-deciding on the same matters is a waste of time and effort
  • Deciding wrong, might be a result of not listening to the team’s needs

The best way would be it is fully supported by all team members. In any project, and especially in agile projects, the team needs to make good decisions along the way. That especially matters within the context of the digital transformation era, as the time for implementation is expected to get shorter, getting things right the first time becomes essential for projects, and so deciding swiftly and correctly by the team, and moving forward - becomes critical.

How decisions are to be made in different forms of team settings, and in different project scenarios? How is that done especially in self-organized self-managing teams?

We shall introduce the topic, discuss 7 Levels of decision making, and participate in a decision - making group simulation exercise, followed by a discussion and brainstorming. Within the simulation exercise, groups will receive real-life scenarios in which the group should get a decision using different decision making methods, and will have to discuss, brainstorm and cope with those scenarios, like in real life projects. Insights shall be shared on the conference website/app.

Target Audience
The workshop is for agile team members (dev and test alike), and other test managers,
development managers, that are interested to get ideas about how to make good decisions within a group.

Openminded…wants to learn and experiment decision making…decision making process in a group is important to you.

Key points

  • Knowing the 7 levels of decision making
  • How should we be getting decisions in a group?
  • Fitting decision making techniques to a project situation
  • What others think about getting decisions done?
  • How a decision making technique may change/improve behavior?

Alon Linetzki, QualityWize

Founder and CEO of QualityWize™, 33 years of experience as a consultant in SW engineering, quality assurance, and testing. QualityWize™ is focused in offering solutions and services in SW engineering, quality assurance and testing (QC). Mr. Linetzki is certified as: Certified Scrum Master, Certified Systems Analyst, Certified Lead Quality Auditor (ISO-9000), TMMi Assessor (pending), ISTQB® CTAL–Test Manager, ISTQB® CTAL–Test Analyst, ISTQB® Agile Tester (foundation extension), iSQI CMAP Tester.
He is also a popular international speaker, and serves as ISTQB® marketing chair, co-author of the ISTQB® agile tester certification, co-author of the ISTQB® advanced agile certification (in development), co-founder and vice president of ITCB, founder of the SIGiST Israel.