Reinventing Quality

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Improving Regression Tests with Pre-Production and Comparison Testing

It is not possible to test everything. We should improve test coverage, but at the same time we should not overload system with tests, keeping them easy to support and change. And even if we have good test coverage, regression bugs happens after deploying to production and going live.

This report shows why it is happening and presents two test techniques that we successfully integrated in companies where I worked: testing on pre-production environment and comparison testing. These techniques are successfully used in web products, one big data project and text recognition system. They help to catch almost all regression bugs in automated way and does not require much resources to support. We use them at system and integration testing levels.

Report will also show methods of using production data for testing and how to reduce amount of code and extend test coverage with comparison testing.

Alexander Gechis, Fyber GmbH

Alexander Gechis is a senior QA engineer at Fyber. He has a Master's degree in "Mathematics and Computer Science". Alexander Gechis has 9 years experience in different fields, that includes big data, web development, text and image recognition and banking software development projects as QA engineer. His special expertise includes automation testing.