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Feature Driven Development in IoT/Home Electonics Project. Requirements Management + ALM Polarion

CUSTOMER STORY: company "Vorwerk" wanted to use Feature Driven Development (FDD) approach to accelerate development of software for the Thermomix TM5 product. Polarion was chosen as ALM tool, but it needed to be adapted/customized for FDD.

The PRODUCT developed by CUSTOMER: Thermomix TM5 is an advanced kitchen appliance, cooker and processor with 12 major functions. Its predecessor TM31 was a manual Thermomix with push control buttons, with small amount of software inside. The TM5 is a digital version of Thermomix with touch screen and automated recipes. It has a lot more software inside, implementing complex functions, such as algorithms for temperature control during cooking, GUI, connection to internet to download new recipes from Thermomix Recipe Platform.

POLARION in the CUSTOMER PROJECT: FDD process focus points are:

  • Build feature list
  • Plan by feature
  • Design by feature

In Vorwerk project we used complete range of Polarion features:

  • Workflows, workitems, custom fields
  • Different views for different roles
  • Planning, PLAN pages (sprints)
  • Testing, testruns, testcases, manual test case execution... and created some extensions:
  • Build record
  • Report about testing of buildrecord
  • Auto generated release note what is special about Vorwerk project?
  • We took ideas from different templates to combine them into single template
  • Plans, reports, workflows, infopages, documents, etc
  • FDD process was mapped in Polarion‘s workflows/links/workitems

Why we choose and use Polarion:

  • Linking mechanism + traceability were the main factors
  • Recognized tool for requirements management + additional ALM functionality: test management, build management, etc
  • Flexible architecture, which allows to create extensions or modify existing reports/pages
  • Good support – quick comprehensive answers on all kind of questions

FDD – how was it defined in Polarion

  • Example of work items, links, relationships
  • Example of reports
  • Example of testing + requirements management
  • Example of build management
  • Additional functionality developed for Vorwerk

Retrospective of project

  • What we did wrong? And will never do again? Did not have the right plugins/information/understanding? DrawWorkflow – indispensable tool to manage workflows
  • We added new functionality to display table of transitions, states, icons of states
  • We defined a process of PDF export after any change in workflow, to document changes (apart from SVN diff. stored automatically by Polarion) 
  • Enabling plans and using them properly was result of collaboration with Polarion Support.
  • What we did right? And will recommend to others?

Konstantin Klioutchinski, GARANTIS IT Solurions Ltd

Konstantin Klioutchinski ist Requirements Manager und Polarion ALM Experte bei GARANTIS IT Solurions Ltd.  Er hat ein Studium an der Belorussian State University of Information Science and Radioelectronics gemacht. Konstantin Klioutchinski verfügt über 20 Jahre Berufserfahrung in den Bereichen Software Entwicklung, Embedded Systems, Requirements Management, Prozesse, Q&ADOORS/Polarion ALM.
Seine besondere Expertise liegt in Requirements Management für Embedded Systems Software Entwicklung.