Reinventing Quality

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Automated Testing in an Agile CI/CD Environment

Automated testing implementation challenges in an agile CI/CD environment. Short introduction to the newly implementation of agile, CI/CD and DevOps at a major dutch bank in relation to automated testing. Challenge was to realize the changes in a logic order and give the new SCRUM teams sufficient time to absorb the new way of working and not to create huge unmaintainable automated tests. Solution was partly a bootcamp which included lots of agile training and on tooling like Jira. Then followed by knowledge sharing on automated testing to achieve partly CI/CD. We would like to share our experiences what our challenges were from both organizational as technical point of view. Finally we would like to discuss automated testing frameworks and some new insights to this topic like building a custom framework or using vendor based tools.

Mustafa Canbaz, MaxMin Business & IT

Ing. Mustafa Canbaz is test manager at ABNAMRO in Amsterdam and since 2010 co-founder of MaxMin Business & IT. He has studied management of technology in Amsterdam. Mustafa Canbaz is a quality enabler since 1998 and has worked in Amsterdam, London and Paris in all fields of software quality assurance/(automated) testing.