Reinventing Quality

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Automated Release Pipeline and Test Automation to Boost Up the Quality and Release Cycle of Developed Products

A certain big finnish telecommunication software manufacturing company had been ongoing an agile transformation for several years. The transformation ended up moving from traditional methods to safe methodology. Safe methodology had boosted up the development of the products, but at the same time the transformation had led to a decay of the QA processes, methods and know-how in the organization. This was a problem particularly with the new products under development, where the previously used QA processes and methods could not be incorporated as part of the new development process as they were obsolete and insufficient.

Comiq was then selected to bring a solution to the QA problems. Our solution was to build a release pipeline for new products and features in which test automation had an important role and was integrated as part of the release cycle. Test automation was built to test the whole product family from unit testing to installation tests. The client had around 10 different product teams developing new products, each product team consisted of 5 to 10 software development experts, management layer and sales representatives. Each product team had their own release pipeline in which automated tests were ran before the features were released. After each product team had released their own features, they were integrated to a complete product or product family. In this stage automated integration tests were ran to see that the product and product family was working as a whole.

It sounds that the biggest achievement in the project was building the new technologies and test automation, alongside introducing new QA processes and methods, but actually the biggest  achievement was the uprising of more modern development culture in the client organization. At first, it was really difficult to understand the benefits of the automated release pipeline and automated tests. But after a while the organization started to see how the approach had brought improvements in the product development, development processes and to ways of working in the software development area. In the end, this all led to a better quality of the products and to potentially faster release cycles.

After this very successful client case Comiq has been promoting similar approach to several other clients and also building a product of the approach model. Of course the model has to be customized for each client but the basic idea remains the same.

Jani Haukinen, Comiq Oy

Jani Haukinen is currently the CTO and one of the founders at Comiq Oy. Jani is PRINCE2, ISEB, ISTQB certified project manager with more than 10 years of experience from leading teams, supply chain processes and test management. He has background from studying telecommunication management at the Technical University of Helsinki.
Jani has a strong knowledge from supply chain systems and ERP systems. He has defined and launched new processes for both testing and business deployments. Jani is also a Board member in Finnish Software Testing Board (FiSTB) and represent Finland in the ISTQB international working group on test automation.
Jani has presentation experience from Testing assembly 2016 with topic "ISTQB roadmap". He is also a confirmed speaker at Testing assembly 2017 with topic "Leveraging test automation to verify infrastructure".