Reinventing Quality

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Quality in the Connected World @Avira - Field Report

This is a field report, sharing our experience of scaling testing and scaling agile development at Avira Operations GmbH & Co.KG.

As our numerous small engineering teams started to release independently and very frequently, they started to step on each other toes way too often, breaking integration and creating chaos.

How to develop and test, so that the teams can still move at their own speed, shipping to production very frequently and, ideally, independently from others? In particular, how to deal with the integration testing, so that we “test the right thing”? Is there a silver bullet??

OK, no silver bullet, but there are multiple ingredients for the successful “Hauptgericht” recipe, which we needed to move forward and to successfully cut this Gordian knot:

  • Process strategy and alignment
  • Application vs integration testing -  testing the right thing is about establishing and finding the right balance between application-specific testing and integration testing, which would on one hand, still enable teams to move at their own speed and on the other hand will establish decent level of integration testing coverage
  • Architecture and test environments management
  • Cultural and mindset aspects and challenges

Our journey spans few quarters and we’re still not perfect.

Some things worked very well, some did not go that smooth and I will share in my talk both our successes and the lessons learned.

Valeriy Burmistrov, Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG

I worked in QA / Test Engineering for 13+ years, spanning multiple roles, companies, countries and cultures and now I am heading the Testing Practice at Avira, Germany.  
Here I am working with multiple engineering teams to strengthen our Software Development and Testing practices, that foster Quality and Predictable value delivery to business – CI, Release Management, Quality Monitoring, etc.
In the last few years, my main passions were working with teams to create and execute inspiring visions – strong “stories” to be proud of and worth fighting for, and to help managers to become true leaders.