Reinventing Quality

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Key Features of a Modern Test Data Management Tool

Reports show that testers spend up to 50% of their time searching for test data, generating synthetic data or testing with the wrong data. To address that, organizations implement various test data management (TDM) processes and acquire TDM tools.  However, more often than not TDM tool cannot be easily adapted to complex scenarios on site, which sometimes leads to extensive usage of consultancy services and prolonged deadlines.

This workshop will show you how to address TDM challenges, e.g. how should subsetting of relevant data from possibly huge databases, combined with data masking and synthetic data generation be implemented.

We will show an end-to-end demo scenario of BizDataX tool, a new generation TDM tool, designed from ground up to enable users with ultimate flexibility in terms on data access, data transformation and integration capabilities.

Martin Kralj, Ekobit d.o.o.

Martin Kralj is a product owner of Ekobit’s flagship product BizDataX. In his seventeen years in the software industry, Martin has worked as a business analyst, consultant, project manager, enterprise software development professional and customer support engineer. He has held key roles in a number of teams within Ekobit developing software for international clients worldwide. Martin specializes in application lifecycle management, particularly agile software development methodologies, team work and test data management.