Reinventing Quality

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Context: What makes some practices work in some environments and not in others?

"You can’t eliminate problems, but you can make trades to get problems that you prefer over the ones you have now.” - SourceGear CEO Erik Sink

Google has less testers than developers; at Microsoft, there were more, until Microsoft eliminated the role of software development engineer in test. Testers for aviation companies like Boeing write detailed specifications, while some Media companies conduct informal documentation where the only thing written are bug report — unless they are passed verbally or on stickies.

Who is right?

Is it possible that all of them are right?

That is, instead of a single best practice, practices are better or worse in a given situation. If that is true, then doing better will require a lot more than a brief course listing the methods — it will be more like the pursuit of a professional career.

In this talk Matt Heusser discusses the system forces around software projects including the pros and cons of a variety of approaches to test. You’ll learn how deploy cadence, mean time to recovery, and risk exposure impacts testing, along with different ways to look at the problems of testing, and how that impacts the solution you pick.

Matt Heusser, Excelon Development

As the Managing Director of Excelon Development, Matt Heusser, consults, trains, and does software delivery while helping others do it. Probably best known for his writing, Matt is the lead editor of "How to Reduce The Cost of Software Testing" (Taylor and Francis, 2011), editor for, and recipient of the 2015 Most Popular Online Contributor to Agile at the Agile Awards. A 2014 recipient of the Most Influential Agile Test Professional Person Award (MAITPP) in Potsdam, Germany, Matt also served as the lead organizer of the Software Testing World Cup. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Association for Software Testing and creator of Lean Software Testing family of methods.