Reinventing Quality

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It is a tutorial/workshop of how Jenkins and Jmeter could be used together and how QA Engineers can use it for Load/Peformance Testing on the web applications that are under test.

I start covering the basics of JMETER, however audience should know some basics of Jenkins or Continuous Integration Systems. Later I compose Load Test Scenario on JMETER on Example project, show how it executes through UI,  And then extract saved Scenario data  and put it to Github Repository to be executed automatically on the Jenkins build job.

Basically it is Load Testing Scenario, measuring web application response time in different graphs, and I try to modify different options and show the end results. I show all the steps to do it from scratch. And to have a basic Load Testing solution in the end. I am open to comments and questions from the audience trying to get as much information as possible to them.

Ruslan Strazhnyk, CipherHealth LLC

I have more than 10 years of experience in IT area including 8 years in QA Automation. I am working as a contractor from Ukraine. My key experience is in scripting and automated testing, both front-end and back-end. I have good knowledge of networking and databases, expert level in Continuous Integration.
I have worked on the many companies/projects already some of them are: Cisco Ironport, Anoto Inc., Maven Research, nCryptedCloud, Indigitus, Solano CI.
I have worked with Cloud-based systems and projects, know a lot of good approaches for Test Automation that could be used almost on any project.
My current project is CipherHealth LLC, which is New York based US startup in the field of Digital Healthcare.
I lead test automation activities there, such as Functional UI Test Automation, Load Testing, Mobile Test Automation.