Reinventing Quality

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Due to a handful of factors, including time and budget constraints, many organizations are turning to testing performance of applications in production (TiP). This process introduces considerable risk and can bring on an onslaught of challenges for even the most experienced testers.

However, testing in production has become essential in ensuring the performance of your live application. Test environments these days are rarely built out to the same level as production environments, so they can never achieve the full scale and realism that you'd see in "real-life." Plus, testing environments can easily get stale and out-of-date. Additionally, with the faster pace of modern application development and the rise of DevOps automation, the usage of large scale testing environments has been minimized.

It makes sense, then, why testing in production has grown in popularity. But what's the right way to load and performance test an application in production to get the results you need without impacting your live users?

This presentation will examine the need for TiP, while also evaluating the risks associated with this testing method. By paying close attention to the impact of TiP on the live environment and real users, your team will be able to considerably mitigate these risks and successfully overcome testing in production challenges.

You’ll learn how to avoid impacting real users on your application, filter results to get to root cause and when and where to use service virtualization. You’ll also discover how to deal with security roadblocks when testing and how to leverage your test designs to monitor your application in production.

Stephan Kehren, Neotys

Stephan is a veteran Performance Engineer who strongly believes that performance testing should be considered in the very first stages of the software development lifecycle. He worked on 10’s of large testing programs across various industries, from legacy mainframe to SAP and all kinds of web applications. He helped customer to develop teams from simple project based load test to Performance CoE’s. Stephan spent 13 years with Mercury/HP, 7 years with MicroFocus  and 3 years with Capgemini as performance testing consultant and today he runs professional services in the DACH region for Neotys, a leading performance testing and monitoring solution vendor.