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Today, performance problems with mobile applications lead directly to revenue loss, brand damage, and diminished employee productivity. It's now mandatory for businesses to ensure the performance of applications in their mobile environments.

But load test script generation for mobile native application is a challenge. The tools available in market either go with the recording of emulators or gives only support for browser based application recording which will not simulate the real world scenario.

A platform independent approach is to generate the scripts for using real device interactions with server. We capture traffic using a proxy server with JMeter installed and routing all the requests from real device to this server. This approach is far closer to the real world traffic simulation as compared to that of emulators and it can be implemented independent of device model and device platform.

This Workshop will teach you how to use JMeter to load test Mobile Native Applications based on Android and iOS. The approach will be illustrated by two practical examples:

  • Application 1: This is an Android platform based native application and enables individuals and families to safely maintain their medical records and other important documents in one central location and instantly access them anytime from anywhere in the world using the Internet.
  • Application 2: This is an iOS based Native Application and serves as a mobile wallet to end users and he can add merchants, billers and pay them using this application.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Mobile Apps: Purpose, Types, Current Trends
  • Performance Problems in Mobile Applications
  • Challenges in Mobile Performance Testing
  • Using JMeter for Mobile Performance Testing
  • Practical Session
  • Configuration Settings
  • Scripting
  • Running Performance Test
  • Analysing Performance Bottlenecks
  • Questions and Answers

Devendra Singh, Nihilent Technologies Ltd.

Devendra has more than 4.5 years of experience in Performance Testing. He is working as a key resource in Testing CoE of Nihilent Technologies Private Limited and his role is to look for innovative solutions and implement that in projects to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Earlier in his career, he has worked with IT giants like Capgemini and Fiserv with similar role and got Bronze Star award and Value in Performance award for his innovative solutions and contributions.

He is passionate about learning new tools and technologies coming in market and developed various accelerators to assist and reduce turnaround time in Performance testing and Automation testing. He holds various certifications like HP Loadrunner AIS Certification, Neotys Certified Professional and ISTQB Certified Tester.
Devendra is also a blogger and actively participates in on line forums to learn and assist others.