Reinventing Quality

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In today’s highly diversify world of IT, companies and businesses are becoming more and more system-dependent. That affects the whole notion of developing new information systems: they become more critical to the day to day operations of the business, through them the business or company wants to gain competitive advantage or jump-board platform to introduce new services faster and better than their competitors on diversified platforms (cloud, mobile, big-data, etc.).

All these considerations result in speedy product development life cycle, high need for trained developers and a higher need for skilled test engineers in the field of performance & load testing.

There can be no project today that does not involve a sub-project for testing performance & load of the system and product. The RFPs (bids, tenders) our customers are issuing are more specific, with throughput tables, demands in seconds, specific volumes etc.

We are facing the era where no one will be able to stop the compelling event of testing: The need for Speed…


  • Get align on the importance of performance and stress & load testing in the present IT world (Internet, networks, etc.’ equals business needs!);
  • Exchange ideas and talk about load and performance testing challenges;
  • Discuss Load and performance Simulation Models and their effect on performance testing for large & complex systems;
  • Discuss the simulation model and possible measurements for performance & load;
  • Discuss how early in the project can we simulate load
  • Discuss which resources required for the performance & load project

Target Audience

The workshop is for test engineers and test managers interested to know more about performance & Load aspects and planning;

The workshop is intended mainly for the basic & Intermediate levels: Participants having some knowledge in performance & load testing are invited to the workshop (i.e. were involved somehow in a performance & load effort project once).

This workshop is not for the experienced performance & load professionals.

The Performance knowledge board

Delegates will get the minutes of meeting of this workshop, in the shape of the Performance Knowledge Board and will be able to follow up on the topics discussed.

The Performance knowledge board, is constructed out of a few flip-chart pages each group will construct in class during the workshop.

Photos of those pages will be sent to summarize the workshop, coveting (probably): Parameters, Problems & solutions, Measurements and Resources & Management.

Vortragssprache: English

Alon Linetzki, Best Testing

Alon Linetzki, has been a professional developer, tester, quality assurance engineer and manager & a coach in the development, testing and QA domains for the last 30 years. He is a popular speaker in international conferences worldwide. He is co-founded ISTQB® in Israel (2004), leads the ISTQB® Partner Program and has established the Sigist in Israel - Israeli testing forum (2000). He is one of the authors for the ISTQB® Agile Tester certification, and serves as the ITCB Vice President and marketing director. Alon is also asked from time to time, to speak on quality and testing related topics, at the Beer-Sheva University, Industrial Engineering department.