Reinventing Quality

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09:15 - 10:15 Uhr

The Evolution of Testing. Lessons Learned and What’s Next?

Martin Pol, Polteq Test Services B.V.


Testing has become a real profession. It took a couple of decades to achieve this. In this presentation Martin Pol travels through time, from the early, Pioneering days to today and what’s more important, what’s up tomorrow?

The evolution of testing can be compared with the development of any craft or industry for example the photography, telephone or automotive. In the beginning pioneers of different crafts worked closely together in a very flexible (agile and exploratory) way to find the initial solutions and show the first benefits. Depending on the context everybody invented his own wheels. After this period the required standardization and structure is being established. This structuring process is in fact a prerequisite for optimizing and maturing to a professional level which enables continuous high level contribution and innovation of testing, now and in the future. A situation which offers the possibilities for agile and context driven contribution, including the required flexibility for any change or hype in the IT-industry. Testing is then ready to keep on adding value to rapidly changing and integrating architectures and technologies, e.g.: SOA, virtualization, web, cloud, devices/BYOD, Big Data, social media, localization and mobile.

And what’s more to come, what’s next? Design for digital? Testing smell? Testing Feeling? After briefly introducing and questioning the evolution of testing so far, Martin will focus on: “What’s Up Today and Tomorrow for Testing?” and “The Changing role of the Tester”. How to “act” agile and “apply” context driven? Is test management still needed? What about the cloud, both using the cloud for testing as testing cloud services? Are we ready for continuous delivery and integration testing? Are coding skills required for testers? Will testers become developers and developers become testers? How about knowledge of mobile and cloud technology? How to become a team player, get rid of “us and them” thinking?

Based on the Lessons Learned in the last decades and what’s happening today Martin advices continuous pioneering to enable jointly optimizing the craft of software testing. Because the economy, and in line with that the IT-industry, continues to challenge us.

Martin Pol, Polteq Test Services B.V.

Martin Pol has played a significant role in helping to raise the awareness and improve the performance of testing worldwide. He’s gained experience by managing testing processes and implementing and improving structured testing in many organizations in different branches worldwide. Martin was responsible for the creation of the structured testing approach TMap® (Test Management Approach) and the Test Process Improvement model, TPI®. Both TMap® and TPI® have become world standards. As the architect of the method Martin recently co-authored the best-seller “Testing Cloud Services”. Martin is a regarded presenter (keynotes, tutorials and track presentations) at conferences and training sessions throughout Europe, North and South America, India, China and Australia. He is still active in the testing practice every day.

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