Reinventing Quality

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Test Improvement in any Organisation and Situation

Ruud Teunissen, Polteq Test Services B.V.

Organisations want to excel at testing in any situation and are continuously looking for test improvement possibilities. Renowned test improvement models have proven their added value, but Agile was not widely spread yet and outsourcing was just starting. Test improvement is in dire need of a pragmatic, flexible approach to test improvement, based on proven models and new ideas.

The IT-scene is changing with increasing speed. Architectural solutions like SOA, virtualization and web technology offer fertile soil for cloud computing and the application of e.g. social media and mobile apps. Along the same lines we are innovating the way we develop, test and manage. Many organizations are moving towards a combination of Agile/Scrum, Context Driven Testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery, DEVOPS and TestOPS.  Adequate test automation has become a prerequisite for success. This requires a different way of test improvement, an adaptable way that responds to any innovation in both technology and development. An almost tailor-made, flexible approach to test improvement is needed, that applies successful elements of iterative development, like backlogs containing both research and improvement items that are being performed in short cycles of improvements. The foundation for analysis and implementation of test improvement is formed by a package of "good practices" that is constantly updated and refreshed. Next to the traditional improvement models, the package incorporates

Ruud Teunissen, Polteq Test Services B.V.

Ruud Teunissen is best described as a passionate software tester. Throughout his career he has played almost any possible role in testing (tester, test manager, test trainer, coach, sales, manager, test consultant, …) in a variety of environments and companies. Ruud is coauthor of several books on structured testing, including Software Testing: A Guide to the TMap® Approach. Currently he is test architect with Polteq Test Services BV and focuses on test improvement and management in any context. Ruud is frequently invited to speak at conferences. Within Polteq, Ruud has performed many test improvement assignments and is involved in the innovation and development of new test improvement approaches such as TI4Automation, the approach for successful implementation and improvement of test automation based on hands-on experiences and good practices, and TI4Agile, the approach for successful improvement of testing in SCRUM/Agile.