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14:30 - 16:00 Uhr

ISO 29119 Testing Standard and Practice in Industry

Geng Chen, Sony


In September 2013 ISO 29119 part 1, 2 and 3 were released as official international standards. Also the 4th part, ISO 29119-4 will be released in middle of 2014. This ISO 29119 series will replace a number of existing software testing standards:

  • IEEE 829 Test documentation
  • IEEE 1008 Unit testing
  • BS 7925-1 Vocabulary of terms in software testing
  • BS 7925-2 Software component testing standard

ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 software testing is an internationally agreed set of standards for software testing that can be used within any software development life cycle or organisation. By implementing these standards, the organistion will be adopting the only internationally-recognised and agreed standards for software testing, which will provide the organisation with a high-quality approach to testing that can be communicated throughout the world. While standards are quite abstraction to the real practice, this presentation makes the links in several key areas of ISO 29119 to the real practice.

The tutorial explains the structure and contents of ISO 29119-1,2,3 and then presents 4 typical scenarios utilizing ISO 29119:

  1. Test strategy and planning in ISO 291190-2.
  2. Test policy and organization infrastructure of testing.
  3. Product Testing - common misunderstanding in test execution practice (e.g. "testing is just to find the bugs", "explore testing is enough, no use of spec-based testing", "why automation test can not find bug and how to do with automation").
  4. Key areas for evaluation sourcing strategy.

Geng Chen, Sony

  • 14 years experience in software development and testing
  • 3 years in GSM Base System Development (Alcatel)
  • 5 years in 3G mobile platform testing (NEC)
  • 6 years in Customer Electronic Device Testing (TV, Walkman, Digital Camera and so on)  (Sony)
  • CSTQB Expert Group Member
  • ISO 29119 Chinese Mirror Group Vice Chairman