Reinventing Quality

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10:30 - 11:15 Uhr

Best Practice of Multiple Clients Testing Management under SaaS Model

Dr. Hongyang Wang, IBM


In SaaS model, one project solution can provide the same service for hundreds worldwide enterprises. It should provide requirements management,
development, hosting, clouding, testing, deployment, support, etc. For testing organization, the challenging includes:

  1. How to track the variety of requirements and map to test matrix
  2. How to manage the test team to minimize the resource requirement
  3. How to introduce non-functional testing, such as automation and performance testing, to cover testing as much as possible
  4. How to do test preparation and test execution more effectively
  5. How to perform post execution activities, such as lessons learned, to improve organization level test quality

As a best practice, IBM GERS project is for global expense reimbursement solution running in IBM hosting and cloud environments under IBM SaaS Model. This solution provides expense reimbursement services for over 500 hundreds international companies, including 200+ world top 500 enterprises. The main challenging for quality assurance team is the diversities of requirements from different companies and different countries legal policies. IBM GERS test team use near 50 testers to fulfill the whole test tasks. This lecture includes:

  1. Introduction to IBM GERS solution and testing services under IBM SaaS Model.
  2. How to dedicate test teams on clients per requirement categories, which are divided into core test team, shared test team, dedicated teams and several other non-functional test teams.
  3. How to manage the test of change requests and problem tracking requests from tons of customers with code releases, configuration releases and fixpacks.
  4. How to apply functional testing, automation testing, performance testing, automatic build distribution and hosting deployment for the clients and requirements diversities.
  5. A real example is the test of 2014 German Per Diem which is the legal requirement from German government and became effective just after 2014 New Year. In this example, IBM GERS test team delivered German Per Diem test for over tens clients in one month.

Dr. Hongyang Wang, IBM

Dr. Hongyang Wang got his Ph. D. in Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999. He has over 15 years working experiences covering development, customer support, test and management in IT and telecom industry, including Motorola Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks and IBM. After joint IBM at 2012 as Senior Test Consultant and ISTQB Certified Tester, he engaged and focuses on the test solution, architect and consultant for enterprise process and business services.