Reinventing Quality

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16:30 - 18:00 Uhr

Agile Retrospectives

Tainã Caetano, ThoughtWorks Inc.


In order to turn a group of people into an effective team, each individual needs to adjust their own actions, habits and work preferences, prioritizing the group's common goal. That doesn't happen overnight. It is a journey of reflection and self-discovery. In software projects, retrospectives are a tool to get the team together and provide the space necessary for this reflection, and they can achieve much more.

In this session, Tainã Caetano will present a set of activities that can be used for different contexts and groups of people. He will talk briefly about the structure of an effective retrospective, followed by hands-on activities that will cover different scenarios:

  • A recently formed group of people needs to understand each other and set ground rules for an effective workplace;
  • A team has been running retrospectives regularly for a while, but feels like they need a change in order to keep the participants engaged;
  • A project is about to end, and as such the team wants to understand their successes and mistakes throughout the whole cycle;
  • A new project is about to start, and the team needs to foresee problems and uncover risks that might happen;
  • And more!

Each activity will be followed by a group discussion where participants will be invited to share their experience and debate how can they apply their learning in the workplace.

Tainã Caetano, ThoughtWorks Inc.

Tainã Caetano has worked as a developer, quality analyst, project manager and coach in multiple teams distributed across the United States, Brazil and India. Regularly, he gives Retrospectives workshops based on his own experience in conferences throughout Brazil and Latin America. Tainã is the co-author of the Fun Retrospectives book, a catalog with  over 50 different group dynamics to make agile retrospectives more engaging.