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14:30 - 16:00

The Road to Hell and Back: Patterns in Test Automation project failure … and recovery

Alon Linetzki, SIGiST Israel Test Managers Working Group

A common scenario that happens with test automation in organizations is that testers start creating very lightweight test automation and then trying to grow, evolve and patch it, often with negative results to the project.
In this presentation, I will examine the steps leading to test automation failure (patterns), and propose a set of indicators (“traffic lights”), course-change options (“exit points”) and mitigations (“rescue guidelines” or recovery), that can be used by test managers and test engineers to steer clear of the pitfalls of a runaway automation project.

Alon Linetzki, SIGiST Israel Test Managers Working Group

Alon Linetzki has been a coach and consultant in the fields of development, testing and quality assurance for the last 28 years. He is the managing director (founder), and principal consultant at Best-Testing.
Alon is a popular speaker at international conferences, and has coached and consulted professional engineers at all levels worldwide. He has written many courses and workshops, and in the last 8 years in the areas of Agile testing, Transition to agile testing and Exploratory Testing as well as Test Optimization, Risk Based Testing, Test Automation, Test Requirements and
Root Cause Analysis.
Mr. Linetzki is a part of the ISTQB® author’s team that is preparing the ISTQB® Agile Testing Add-on certification.
Alon has co-established the Israeli branch of the ISTQB® - ITCB (2004), serves voluntarily as Vice President and Marketing Director, and leads the ISTQB® Partner Program, which is a part of the ISTQB® Marketing Group.
He has established the SIGiST Israel – Israeli Testing Forum (2000), and serves voluntarily as the Chairman ever since.