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14:00 - 15:30

Full Featured Test Automation using Selenium Grid and CI (Jenkins)

Ruslan Strazhnyk, Maven Research Inc.

Maven Research Inc. is a US-based Global Knowledge Marketplace.
Ruslan Strazhnyk has been working with Selenium since 2007 and is responsible for Maven's Test Automation. Ruslan Strazhnyk will briefly explain how QA is set up and organized within Maven's Scrum Team and tools are used in daily work, including the collaboration with a Development Team based in Ukraine.

In the workshop Ruslan then will in detail show how to create and setup Jenkins nodes and nodes for Selenium Cross-Browser testing.
He will present and discuss how to setup a Selenium environment from scratch and show and discuss with the participants sample Selenium scripts there.
This workshop will especially be helpful for teams who already know something about Selenium and have tried something but have some difficulties to proceed further.
A lot of best practices and tips and tricks used to established good test execution on major browsers will be presented. The participants are invited to bring in their individual questions and depending on these questions the following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to Selenium (Webdriver, Grid)
  • Writing Selenium testing script, upload to github
  • Jenkins and it's functionality and finding the right plug-ins for Jenkins
  • Setuping a second Jenkins node where tests will execute
  • Writing Selenium Grid configuration script
  • Setuping nodes for Selenium Server on Linux and/or  Windows for testing on Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Cross-Browser Test Execution

Ruslan Strazhnyk, Maven Research Inc.

Ruslan Strazhnyk has been  working with Selenium since  mid 2007 , so his expertise covers almost all Selenium toolkit and both Selenium 1 and Selenium 2(Webdriver). He has over six years experience in the field of testing, the main specialisation - automated testing of web applications and complex web-based products.Currently, he works at Maven Research (USA). Ruslan Strazhnyk  has a wide experience in implementing Continuous Integration on projects that work with cloud-services. He has expert knowledge in developing test frameworks using Python/nose. He likes to read various related tech blogs about Testing in general, Software Development, Selenium and Continuous Integration.