Reinventing Quality

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11:15 - 12:00

Clearing up the darkness surrounding white box testing

Matt Davis, QA Systems GmbH

This talk starts by scoping the subject matter.   Various definitions of white-box testing are given, and the different purposes of white-box, black-box testing and de-bugging are explained. 
The relationship of functional and non-functional requirements, and structural testing to white-box testing techniques is discussed in light of its purpose.
The technical and procedural pre-requisites for successful use of white-box testing techniques are examined.White-box testing techniques for C and C++ are set out, in relation to designing unit and integration tests, alongside the technical and process challenges in their application. This includes what testing advantages arise from exposing knowledge of internal processing logic, internal data, calls, and code-contexts.
Guidance is given on the most appropriate use of the techniques at different points in software development cycles, together with their advantages and disadvantages.
A review of the current state of tools to support these techniques, explores open source and commercial solutions, and what is still needed from tool automation for white-box testing.
The talk concludes with some way finders for best practice.

Matt Davis, QA Systems GmbH

Matt Davis is Sales Director of QA Systems Ltd.
Matt started his professional career in software quality assurance at IPL, a leading independent UK software and systems house. As a qualified software auditor he worked for 5 years on multi-million pound projects from business critical telecoms to safety critical systems. Since 1996 he has been developing and globally marketing embedded unit and integration testing solutions for a diverse range of business safety critical customers. He left IPL as Products Partner Manager to join QA Systems with acquisition of the testing Products business unit in 2012.