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Cosima Laube
Cosima Laube - respectAndAdapt.rocks - Achieving more TOGETHER!

Sustainable Pace?! How self-care actually boosts teamwork

Many of us have seen colleagues burn out, maybe even burned themselves out at work - or both.
How many have seen successful “comebacks”? Especially to the very same work context, without any changes?

Many of us have worked on a death-march-like project (like e.g. DeMarco describes it).
How many have seen such an endeavour succeed - without burning people,motivation, reputation and money?

Finding the ‘right’ balance at work is neither an individual task nor is it only a single team’s responsibility. It’s an interaction of both - and more!
It all is about thinking in (organisational) systems.

In this session you will:
1. learn what sustainable pace is about
2. connect to all-too-common pitfalls that can “unbalance” a system (i.e. team, a whole organisation, and also yourself)
3. get simple yet powerful self-care practises for yourself and for your team(s)
4. learn about some psychological background (e.g. stress & coping)

YOU are invited - bring some curiosity with you!

Cosima Laube, Cosima Laube - respectAndAdapt.rocks - Achieving more TOGETHER!

Cosima is an experienced independent agile leadership coach and socio-technical consultant with a demonstrated history of working in a variety of industries (e.g. automotive, finance & banking, healthcare, public sector, travel & tourism).

Having a strong background as a software developer and people lead in IT engineering, Cosima enhanced her portfolio with solid coaching skills (ICF-PCC) and university studies focussing on I/O- and Health Psychology.

Cosima cares more about systems thinking than local optimization, she is an introvert, a passionate long-distance runner and a community gardener (organising several international Open Space conferences and local meetup initiatives).