16:50 - 17:35 Uhr

People & Teams

Dawid Pacia

On stranger tides... How to set the right course for your development as a QA?

Have you ever dreamed that you were in a storm in the middle of the sea? You’re trying and trying, but cannot control the ship. Isn’t it a similar feeling to being stuck in your career? Bootcamps and (not only) introductory courses are flooding the market. Technical trainings around automation are not far behind - popping up every day, promising you everything. Then how do you set the proper course?

Few of us have seen people being many years in QA but still far from the senior role, staying in their own Bermuda Triangle. Why? Simply speaking - you don't know what you don't know as Rumsfeld’s matrix says, calling them “unknown unknowns”. Some of those people are lucky to have a mentor guiding them. Others hit reality by being interviewed and receiving valuable feedback (if they’re lucky). But the rest will not know about those gaps for a long, long time.

During the presentation, I’ll show you a compass for raising awareness of the self-development path. Each direction stands for one group of the most missing QA competencies I've experienced and spotted performing hundreds of interviews, pieces of training, and mentoring people. Come to discover what stands behind them and choose where your North Star is!

Key lessons:

  • Learning the most common missing skills and competencies for QA engineers
  • Understand the key areas to develop to be more competitive and valuable in the market and how to grow them
  • Knowledge of how to get rid of “unknown unknowns” in your professional development

Dawid Pacia, PatchingIT

QA and Test Automation Manager as well as mentor and trainer. Tech freak following all the newest technologies (and implementing them on his own). Fan of the Agile approach to project management and products. Supporting companies in transformations toward a better quality of products and processes. Actively speaking and traveling around the world, sharing knowledge and experience.