14:40 - 16:10 Uhr

People & Teams

Salon 10

Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

How to Achieve Sustainable Quality Through a Combined Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach

Software tests provide valuable results about how software quality can be improved. Often, provided feedback from these tests is implemented. But how can me make sure we learn from this feedback not only once but use it to achieve sustainable quality?

Based on a cyber-security example, a combined bottom-up and top-down approach is explained and discussed. In practical exercises, you will be able to draw a parallel to your testing situation (for example usability testing) and discuss how this bottom-up and top-down approach can be used to advance your area towards sustainable quality.

Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten is a cyber-security specialist, helping companies make their web applications more secure. She is also a passionate science communicator in the field of nature and sustainability, inspiring people from all around the world to live more sustainably. Currently, she combines her expertise in these fields as a member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe task force on Digitalization in Energy.