09:00 - 09:45 Uhr


Mesut Durukal

Being A Tester: Being a Superman

After he was hired by his company, they assigned him to a project. Soon after he was introduced to the project, he quickly realized that there are a few - maybe lots of  improvement rooms. He will share his story which ended up in a successfully built quality.

With correct steps, we can see how quickly a quality process can be developed. But what is a quality process and how can we ensure quality? Does quality assurance equal to running tests? As you can guess, the answer is no. So we will talk about the components of quality assurance. By means of the initiatives I have introduced, we experienced not only the quality of the product, but also the efficiency of the agile ceremonies and visibility of information. Since efficient communication is a key player of quality assurance just like everything else, we will talk about conducting daily meetings in the best way.


  • No track of bugs
  • No feedback cycle on tests
  • No transparency of the progress
  • No organized feature
  • No metrics, no idea about coverage
  • Escaped bugs
  • Massive manual effort


  • Bugs Management initiative
  • Test Review initiative
  • Short and very understandable progress reports
  • Feature Housekeeping initiative
  • Monitoring, Traceability
  • Pulling QA in Early Stages
  • Automation: Common Locators, Parallel Running, Reporting Dashboard


Attendees will be able to see:

  • Ways to collect insights from bugs
  • An approach in which feedback to designed tests from the product owners is encouraged
  • An lovely animated progress report
  • How we can increase visibility of features
  • Track various metrics to maintain a continuous improvement
  • How we achieved to shift left
  • Test framework in which tests are executable on various browsers, platforms and apps.

Mesut Durukal, Indeed

Mesut has BSc and MSc degrees from Bogazici University Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
He has more than 13 years’ experience in Industrial Automation, IoT platforms, SaaS/PaaS and Cloud Services,Defense Industry, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Embedded and Software applications. Along with having a proficiency in CMMI and Scrum & PMP experiences under his belt, he has taken various roles like Quality Owner and Hiring Manager in the QA teams and Chapter Lead in the organization, leading multiple QA squads in multinational projects.