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Contract testing with Pact. A different approach

With the microservice architecture evolving and becoming a golden standard the necessity of testing of the contract between services appears to be more and more obvious. One of the sussessful and the most interesting solution here is PACT tool, which is implemented on the variety of platforms (ruby, python, java). It gives the possibility of testing and verifying the contracts in the CI/CD manner and opens up a lot of interesting possibilities. But in order to implement the tests we need to configure the Pact Mock services so they can reflect the contracts between consumer and provider. The idea behind this session is to share one interesting way of implementing of pact tests in case when the service is barely a provider, but it consumes a lot of services. This approach allows to use PACT for mocking purposes together with the contract testing itself.

Mihail Mikulaninec

Initially the physicist that evolved into the developer and end up as automation Quality Assurance engineer. Was working with the various businesses and tech stacks, passionate about microservice architecture and CI/CD with the focus on quality. Now I am the senior automation QA engineer in a company called Moo in London, UK.