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My ZeroBudget expansion and modernization technics in 3 phases

We all need to extend, modernize or redesign our test setups from time to time for various reasons. Be it to automate manual tests, be it to include agile approaches, be it to switch to continuous integration, be it to use new hardware, etc.

The good news is that there are plenty of methods, recommendations, approaches and tools we can choose from. The bad news though is that in most cases we need to plan with more resources (e.g. more time, more budget or more equipment) to evaluate, design and implement the changes. This peculiar fact might reduce considerably the chances to get the job done, since it might be someone else decision to grant the additional resources we need. And they have to do so without having an immediate return of invest per se: because it generally takes some noticeable time to implement meaningful changes.

Moreover, decision takers might rather experience (from their perspective) reduced outputs/performances of ours while we are implementing the changes. For instance while we are implementing some test automation we are not executing the manual tests defined in the test plan. And if the process of automating the tests lasts a noticeable time (very likely) decision takers or budget responsible will experience a loss of performance (less manual tests performed) while the expected gain in efficiency, such as the benefits of automation, is still to come and to be demonstrated. Many decisions makers might not be willing to accept this “deal”: more spending and a temporarily loss of performance traded against some uncertain expected gain in efficiency. Such deals are obviously not attractive for decision takers.

Therefore, they will not “change a running system” and they will not back our very much needed expansion or modernization.
What to do? How to make sure that our request will have the full approval of decision takers?  My ZeroBudget technics handle this very issue.
They combine methods and tools from various disciplines such as time management, effective communication and agile development to come up with quantified benefits and a solution process without losing in operative performance.

Hermann Bayala

Hermann Bayala ist Testmanager bei Rohde&Schwarz GmbH & co. KG

Fortbildung und Weiterbildung:

ISTQB Certified Tester Adv. Level - Testmanager and Test analyst
Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA & E)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Informations- & Kommunikationstechnik

Beruflicher Werdegang:

seit 2014 Testmanager Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & co. KG
2010-2015: Gechäftsführer Byssanel GmbH & Co. KG
2007 - 2010: Freelancer Beratung Testprozess und Engineering
2001 - 2007: angestellter Consultant bei T-Systems GmbH und Philotech GmbH (Avionics Software)


Prozess- und Projektmanagement
Agiles Testen
Continuous Integration / Continuous delivery
Embedded Entwicklung und Standards
Do178B Software Entwicklung


Erfahrung als Referent

QS-2017: The Economics of Software Testing in Relation to Market Considerations, Development Process and Product Type
QS-2018: 12 Key Software Testing Considerations While Implementing Agile Technics