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Getting towards zero defects

Until recently the common notion was that "every software has bugs" and that this is inevitable. Thankfully, recently the concept of Zero Defects policy start to take hold. However, Zero Defects policy really requires a big mind-shift. In this talk I'll give some guidelines for the things that need to change and a general roadmap to get to and retain a Zero Defects state.

Arnon Axelrod

Arnon is a Senior Consultant and Test Automation group manager at Sela Group. With more than 20 years of experience as a software developer, Arnon specializes in the relationships between test automation and software architecture, development practices, tools and people.
Arnon is the author of the book "Complete Guide to Test Automation" (; the author of the Test Automation Essentials open-source project and a contributor to the Selenium project. Arnon also blogs at