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A Master Plan for Continuous Testing

Continuous ‘Everything’ is the new paradigm in software engineering and development. Here the emerging area of continuous testing is an essential and critical part that requires new approaches and strategies. The challenge is how to change and transform testing to this new paradigm in an effective and efficient way. Especially the start is typically not easy …

To address this challenge we need a solid master plan with a good strategy for continuous testing that defines the “how” of testing in the era of digitalization. This strategy specifies a framework that covers all building blocks from prerequisites and preconditions, over enablers and practices, to recommendations and experiences. Within the framework it provides guidance on the journey to successfully transform testing into the DevOps world – this requires more than just a face lift in testing.

This tutorial describes and explains the building blocks of this strategy for continuous testing and discusses its related tactics, practices, and experiences. Use this as a starting point to create and continuously improve your own master plan for continuous testing.


  • Definition – Continuous testing defined
  • Testing areas – What’s new and different?
  • Prerequisites and preconditions (practices and mindset by example)
  • Enablers and practices
  • Recommendations and experiences
  • Summary and outlook

Peter Zimmerer

Peter Zimmerer is a Principal Key Expert Engineer at Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, in Munich, Germany. For more than 25 years he has been working in the field of software testing and quality engineering. He performs consulting, coaching, and training on test management and test engineering practices in real-world projects and drives research and innovation in this area. As ISTQB® Certified Tester Full Advanced Level he is a member of the German Testing Board (GTB). Peter has authored several journal and conference contributions and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.