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Breakthroughs in the automated testing using man-machine interface of ground segment software

The increasing demand for quicker continuous software deliveries urges the need for test automation also within the scientific environments found at the European Space Agency (ESA).

This talk will introduce you to the Automated Regression Testing (ART) Framework developed for and used at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) for verification and validation of Monitoring and Control Software (MCS). It will discuss an approach of extending an existing, proprietary testing environment seamless with capabilities of simulating user interactions and performing automated functional validation against the GUI of the MCS components. Multiple studies have also elaborate efficient concepts for Test Design, reaching a high level of modularity, maintainability, reusability and a clear separation of test flow and test data. While recent development is concentrating on managing a high level of software variants, reference systems and test plans.

Continuous Integration techniques have been applied extensively throughout all activities from different points of view. On the one hand, etamax is acting as Industry providing an independent software product (here: the enhanced test environment) to the agency, which allows to automate processes to a level of continuous delivery. On the other hand, we are providing services on-side at the Ground Segment Reference Facility (GSRF), facing the limits of and resistance to aspects of automating everything, caused by the specific working environment.

Berend Semke

Berend Semke is working for etamax space GmbH, a medium sized company with approx. 60 employees in Braunschweig and Darmstadt.

While he is he coordinating technology-driven activities on software development and verification & validation in Braunschweig as Head of Software Development, he also accounts software-development related activities in the space domain, “that lives in the Ground Segment” as Head of Ground Segment Software and site manager Darmstadt.

He is performing these tasks with a strong technological background based on nearly 15 years of project experience, gained in all possible roles of the Software Development Process for renowned customers like Siemens, VW and the European Space Agency (ESA).