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Continuous Learning - ever-accelerating Journey

The software industry is moving fast and QA/Testing must keep up with this ever-fastening pace.
Testing organizations, methods, testing tools, roles of engineers and leaders are transforming quicker than ever before. In this constant Continuous Change, how can we keep up??? Perhaps our normal Continuous-Learning-Journey is actually too slow and we should re-think how to address it properly.

In my presentation, I will analyze the current situation in QA/Testing Learning and its trends and will open it up to the audience for discussion.

Some aspects to review:

  • how modern QA/Testings is studied in Universities and in the Companies?
  • is ISTQB as body-of-knowledge evolving fast-enough?
  • expectations for modern leaders in QA/Testing are steep. Are they addressed properly?
  • conferences vs. online-conferences vs. communities of practice vs. meet-ups
  • blogs/twitter/etc as a way of learning and exercising leadership
  • machine learning vs. humans learning
  • I will also throw in few provocative ideas to stimulate thinking and some questions to debate upon.

Valeriy Burmistrov

Valeriy Burmistrov is in Software Test Engineering for 15+ years, covering multiple roles, companies, countries and cultures and now is serving as Director Quality Assurance at TeamViewer GmbH, Germany. In the last few years, his main passions are bringing engineering teams’ technical delivery practices to the next level and help people grow through those journeys. Valeriy holds the ISTQB Expert Level certifications – Test Management, Improving the Test Process, and speaks at international conferences regularly. He enjoys getting to know new people to share experience and learn from experiences of others.