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How coaching boosts Built-In Quality

This session gives insights how mid and large development organizations can increase their capabilities to reach Built -In Quality. It provides perspectives on transformational challenges while moving towards agile software engineering and short deployment and delivery cycles. Real life experiences and examples how a newly developed Quality Coaching approach can contribute to solve these challenges and accelerate to build and run cloud native applications will be shared. Special focus will be on the interplay of Test Automation, Continuous Delivery & DevOps.

Georg Bischoff

Georg Bischoff is a coach and test automation expert at SAP focusing on helping teams to establish test automation for the different layers of the test pyramid. Special focus is to find suitable test strategies in a cloud environment with short deployment and delivery cycles. He has more than 10 years of experience in agile software engineering as he worked as a developer, quality engineer and cloud quality coach in various projects within SAP.