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When Risk-based testing approach meets Continuous Testing

You want to implement continuous testing but you don’t know to start? Don’t panic! The Risk - based testing approach might be your solution.

This tutorial concerns all people interested in the deployment of the DEVTESTOPS approach on their project. For example, test manager, product owner, business analyst, developers, testers …

During this tutorial, we will introduce the risk -based testing and how we can use it through the testing process. From the elaboration of testing strategy to the delivery phase, we will talk about the best practices to implement the continuous testing by drawing on the risk analysis results.

To develop this, we will share some examples based on our experiences. We will also present our approach to deploy this method within a team or an organization.

Our goals are, not only, to highlight the link between the risk-based approach and the continuous testing, but also, to demonstrate its benefits to increase the quality of final delivery, reduce the costs and time to market and improve the collective intelligence.

Asma Reghimi

Mrs Asma Reghimi is Coach testing methodology & Test Manager at Talan Luxembourg.

Asma graduated from the University of Paris Dauphine, has been working for 11 years in the field of software testing. She piloted several CRM migration projects and assisted her clients as a test manager during the IS qualification phase. Currently, Asma is assisting the SGBT in the group test methodology deployment as a coach in test process.

Her special expertise includes:

  • Management and organization of testing project.
  • Management and organization of deployment of testing methodologies and processes.
  • Analyze of maturity of testing models.
  • Coaching of non-testers teams and helping IT teams to manage and organize testing projects.
  • Training and animation of testing communities.
  • Assist IT teams to develop test strategy and plan.
  • Raise awareness the business and the sponsors about the benefits of test practices.

Presentation "Implémentation du continuous testing au sein de la SGBT " with Samir Boulahtit at JFTL 2017 complete her portfolio.

She joined Talan in October 2015.