Thema: Expanding Horizons




Why it is important to build communities of practice in your agile organisation ?

In today's competitive world, where failure can be disastrous and celerity to market is a critical business advantage.
Software testing is becoming more and more essential. Technical skills exceed writing code, it’s not limited to automation but other skills are required. So that the scope and width of tester's role is demanding much more expertise and depth of knowledge.

The main objective of this talk is to introduce what modern testing is, the transition and the evolution of software tester role in his team.
I will mention in this talk my personal experience how moving from Scrum to Extreme programming by pairing with developers and spreading the care about quality for the whole team helps me move towards the modern tester.

PS : A part will be added/updated in my presentation paper to talk about my experience when moving from Scrum to Extreme programming and the relation between my role as a tester and the modern tester defined by Alan Page.

Emna Ayadi

Test Engineer within Primatec Engineering, graduated from the National School of Computer Science (ENSI), Tunisia in 2015. With more than 3 years of experience in software testing, She is passionate Quality Enthusiast and detail oriented who loves to analyse root cause, test, collaborate with diverse people and investigate issues.

She had the chance to work in different fields of testing during her 3 years of experiences (mobile, web, desktop applications, automotive, ...). Participated in several national & international conferences such as “Belgrade Test Conference”, “Journée Tunisienne des Tests Logiciels (JTTL)”, IEEE TSYP. Also, Ministry of Testing meetup organizer in Sfax"